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Samoa - Must Sees

Savaii is a must see, if you are planning on travelling to Samoa. It is the largest island in the island chain and only a 90 minute Ferry ride from the main Island of Upolu. Here are 3 top attractions to do when you visit Savaii.

First there is the Falealupo Canopy Walk. Climb up a spiral staircase which wraps around a giant tree. Once up at the treetop platform walk over a suspension bridge connecting to another platform for even more spectacular views. Expect beauty when you are up here with amazing views over the lush rainforest and its active wildlife.

Then visit the stunning Afu Aau Waterfall where you can swim in the natural fresh water. This is a very beautiful and quiet spot to cool off, with peaceful surroundings in the bush. Watch the water cascade from the rocks above to the crystal clear waters of the pool below.

The best attraction is the Alofaaga blowholes. These are formed by the old lava flows creating tubes connecting a flat clifftop of lava rock with the ocean below. When the waves break against the tubes you can hear the water underneath you and then BOOM! Up shoots a jet of water. Throw a coconut husk into the hole for extra fun and watch it shoot up high in the air. Top tip is to arrive when it is high tide as that will be the best time to view.

Savaii is very picturesque with plenty to see and do.

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